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SENSORIIS® : Multi-protocol Wireless Sensor

SENSORIIS® is an all-in-one smart building IoT device that is designed to monitor and report on building conditions such as intrusion detection, light, noise, and air quality. It provides reporting and management through a secure link. The device collects environmental data and transfers it to the Cloud through selected IOT networks for building a strong-eco-system for smart building and energy-saving market.

Multi-protocol Wireless connectivity

SENSORIIS® can connect all applications in for Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart City, to most of available networks 4G/5G LTE-M or NB-IoT (17-bands coverage), LoRa in all countries, Sigfox and control the devices for home and building automation along Zigbee communication and includes a Bluetooth LE link to enable set-up using smartphone .

SENSORIIS runs ultra-low power, targeting up to 3 years battery lifetime with reporting every 10mn up to 2h.

All-in-one environmental sensor

SENSORIIS® is an all-in-one environmental sensor, monitoring Temperature, pressure, humidity, ambiant light, sound, ambiant color light, volatil organic composit, air quality, CO2, particle PM1 and PM10, occupancy and vibrations. It integrates a remote control of actuators (heaters, lights, openings), for the optimization of energy and air quality monitoring in buildings.

Ambiant light and color



Sound / Noise


Fine particles

Air quality




Smart Buildings, Smart city, Smart Home applications

Targeting #smartbuilding commercial buildings #smartbuil- ding but also public places #smartcity, as well as the home #smarthome, it ensures their comfort, wellness, safety as well as health con dence and prevents intrusions or disasters.

Sense and Pilot

SENSORIIS® offers the “Sense and Pilot” solution providing multiple environmental sensor informations to a cloud server for data analysis and intelligent decision, and bridge the pilot and controle of local actuators (HVAC, Heating, windows, lights..)

Easy to install

SENSORIIS® is a stand-alone solution, which can be easily installed and configured on the wall, requiring neither electrical connection, nor network connection other than those preconfigured.