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SAMEA Innovation is a design house in electronic circuits and Wireless systems design from 10MHz up to 10GHz, able to build customer dedicated optimized products as well as own products (WiFi, GNSS, LoRa, SigFox, BLE, Zigbee..).

Thanks to a high level of systems and design expertise, SAMEA Innovation brings the full development flow from System & specification analysis down to industrialisation together with high quality partners, to build high quality and optimized products.

  • Wireless system study with radio link budget analysis
  • RF Transceiver architecture design
  • PCB design optimized for targetted applications
  • Bill Of Material analysis and optimisation (semiconductors, IC, passives..)
  • RF and system measurements, Support for certification


  • Product Industrialisation support to EMS


SAMEA Innovation

12b rue du Prat

22370 Pleneuf-Val-Andre



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