"The IOT Gold Rush will need efficient picks and showels"


SAMEA Innovation offers innovative wireless products, branded name and custom products, based on strong expertise in wireless radio communication systems and design skills. 

SAMEA Innovation also provide design services for electronic radiocommunication systems from 10MHz to 10GHz, developing optimized products dedicated to customer specificities (WiFi, 2G/4G, GNSS,LoRa,SigFox,BLE,Zigbee..)


Strong expertise


SAMEA Innovation relies on a strong expertise in wireless radiocommunications systems, and design skills to support you from A to Z on your projects. Thanks to the help of quality industrial partners, we offer optimized products of high quality.


Really connect objects


With 24 billion connected objects in 2020 and $ 3.7 billion in sales of GPS tags by 2025, no one doubts the immense interest that the Internet of Things (IOT) market represents. However 90% of the proposed solutions are called "end-to-end". To remedy this, SAMEA innovation offers 3 ranges of own products focused on the wireless domain or accessorized electronic cards, in the semi-professional field: Maritime, Home Automation.



Wifi booster increasing communication distance by a factor of 2 to 5




Multi-protocol Wireless Sensor for Smart-Building, Smart-City, Smart-Home




Asset tracker technology with high accuracy everywhere


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