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SAMEA Innovation is a design house in electronic circuits and Wireless systems design from 10MHz up to 10GHz, able to build customer dedicated optimized products as well as own products (WiFi, 2G/4G LTE, GNSS, LoRa, SigFox, BLE, Zigbee..).

Thanks to a high level of systems and design expertise, SAMEA Innovation brings the full development flow from System & specification analysis down to industrialisation together with high quality partners, to build high quality and optimized products.

  • Wireless system study with radio link budget analysis
  • RF Transceiver architecture design
  • PCB design optimized for targetted applications
  • Bill Of Material analysis and optimisation (semiconductors, IC, passives..)
  • RF and system measurements, Support for certification


  • Product Industrialisation support to EMS


SAMEA Innovation

12b rue du Prat

22370 Pleneuf-Val-Andre



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